The inflatable scabby rat, an enduring sign of resistance, has been and will be re-purposed to help lead protest against Trump's policies. The intent has been to fabricate an inflatable Trump Rat and get it out into the world, keep it circulating, and loan it out to protests. 'Trump Rat' is not about ridicule as in tit for tat or a comeuppance. It is way more than that. It is classic satire, it is art imitating life, holding up a mirror to a president whose modus operandi, MO, every single day, is about governing by ridicule, communicating by ridicule, decision-making by ridicule. 'Trump Rat' is, of course, not literal, but it is in a long tradition of artistic satire and psychological portraiture.

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Trump Rat is 15’ tall and comes complete with comb-over, unsightly eye bags, a long rat tail, confederate flag cufflinks and Russian Federation lapel pin. This inflatable was made In America. 

Original Design: Artist Jeffrey Beebe Fabricator: Mac Yates at Inflatable Images Brunswick, Ohio, Digital and website assistance: Matthew Langley On-site help from Michael Mazzeo  and Stefano Blumberg, Branding and graphics courtesy Robert Matza  Thanks to Carol Benovic-Bradley at Kickstarter and Our Kickstarter Backers, Invaluable assistance and advice from Chris Dunn at the NYCLU  Thanks to Andrew "The Fixer" Celli at Emery Celli Brinckerhoff and Abady LLP