For over 25 years,  as part of our programming, Bravin and Lee have been active with curating and consulting off-site. We have curated for several non-profits and helped select works for college campuses, corporations, homes for the aged, parks, lobbies, and of course for several private clients.

We can envision the concept, curate, prepare a reasonable budget (and stay within it!), work with government officials and community boards, source materials, liaise with artists and institutions; and handle production from start to finish.

BravinLee programs also produces and fabricates sculptural editions and artists rugs. We have fabricated projects with Vik Muniz, Christopher Wool, Jonas Wood, Walter Robinson, Philip Taaffe and Julio Le Parc



Anyone and everyone has the skills necessary to appreciate art but so often it is approached with a sense of suspicion. It moves too many people to leave it solely to the art world to enjoy. By making it available and accessible to more viewers we are doing positive things for both culture and community.




Judith Henry photographs and Mel Bochner painting, Westchester home


Fran Siegel - upper east side home, Manhattan