James Siena
Nine Constant Windows

2010 91 x 72 inches signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 18 + 3 APs Hand dyed Tibetan wool - This rug is available in custom sizes

Siena, James, Nina Constant Windows, edition of 18, hand knotted Tibetan wool, 91 x 72 inches.jpg

One of the most famous living abstract artists, James Siena, is best known for the intricate geometric abstractions that he creates freehand by imposing upon himself a set of "rules" that he calls "visual algorithms." Beginning with a basic unit—a shape or a set of lines—he allows these algorithms, which are essentially predetermined permutations, to guide the progression of each work. The resulting drawing or painting is a pattern that is not only visually complex, but also logical and formulaic. "They're procedures," Siena says of the rules governing his paintings. "Each painting has to do with carrying out a procedure, no matter how simple. It's the task of making it physical." Though rigorously executed and highly procedural, Siena's abstract compositions transcend geometry, producing psychological, and some might even say meditative or spiritual, effects. We were particularly interested to make a rug with James Siena. Textiles design and more generally decorative arts motifs are an inspiration to Siena and essential to understanding his art. Siena shows with Pace Gallery in New York and BravinLee has been working with him for over a decade. Siena has made two rugs with BravinLee and is represented by Pace Gallery. The graph makers at the factory in Nepal took it as a personal challenge to translate his intricate algorythmic patterns.

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BravinLee editions is a proud member of GoodWeave.

GoodWeave’s founder Kailash Satyarthi was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in honor of his career dedicated to ending the exploitation of children around the world. GoodWeave, an international nonprofit organization geared toward abolishing child labor in the carpet industry, has liberated and educated thousands of children, bringing them from carpet looms to classrooms.  Satyarthi and GoodWeave work to guide consumers to its Child Labor Free Certified rugs and replicate their market-based approach of certification in other sectors.  Kailash said at the ceremony, “I refuse to accept that the shackles of slavery can ever be stronger than the quest for freedom.” He asked those in attendance to place their hands over their hearts and “listen to the child inside.”