INTROSPECTIVE February 4-March 19 2016
Chuck Agro, Philip Akkerman, Janine Antoni, Robert Arneson, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Leonard Baskin, Jack Beal, Max Beckmann, Bradley Biancardi, Todd Bienvenu, Matt Bollinger, Deborah Brown, Delia Brown, Peter Burns, Jim Butler, Chuck Close, Lovis Corinth, Sophie Crumb, Mary DeVincentis, Eric Doeringer, Diane Edison, Ralph Fasanella, Dan Fischer, Kathleen Gilje, Mary Glenn, Mark Greenwold, Irene Hardwicke, Barkley L. Hendricks, Judith Henry, Scott Kahn, Dennis Kardon, Deborah Kass, Käthe Kollwitz, Kurt Kauper, David Kramer, Laura Krifka, Charlotte Lee, John Lees, Andrew Lenaghan, Beverly McIver, Catherine Murphy, Erik Olson, Carl Ostendarp, Philip Pearlstein, Erika Ranee, Charles Ritchie, Kenny Rivero, Walter Robinson, Giordanne Salley, Tom Sanford, Cindy Sherman, Devan Shimoyama, Cary Smith, Lava Thomas, Betty Tompkins, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Martin Wilner, Aaron Zimmerman

The self portrait is the lingua franca of the smartphone era.  The scourage and proliferation of “selfes” and “profiles” is certainly indicative that we are enduring the best of times-as well as the worst of times in the apothesosis of onanistic humanism.  Despite its utter debasement in the hand-held device, adolesentalized epoch, the self portrait in the 21st Century remains an elevated, vital, interesting, important and revealing genre.  The show includes nearly 60 self-portraits, some are literal, others allude to autobiography in a psychological or metaphorical way.