Halley Zien, We're All In Here


ravinLee programs is pleased to present Halley Zien’s “We’re All in Here.” Made from collage and paint, Zien’s densely populated surfaces suggest claustrophobic interior spaces packed with feverishly active, expressive figures. The distorted environments reflect the emotional mania of Zien's tortured inhabitants.

According to Zien, “I like the implication that this is just everyday life in an everyday place; that our public personas are not always in sync with the mental drama going on inside our head."

Zien will also include an installation in the project room that includes hundreds of her cut out characters that will appear to emerge from within the gallery’s walls. For her sculptural work, Zien cuts images from fashion magazines into tiny unrecognizable fragments that are reconstructed to create small freestanding figures. This is a new version of an installation included in Space Invaders at the Lehman College Art Gallery, curated by Karin Bravin.

This will be Zien’s first solo show at BravinLee. Her work has been included in a group show at BravinLee; featured in Space Invaders at the Lehman College Art Gallery and was recently shown at Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn Heights.