Deborah Kass
Nobody Puts Baby In THE Corner


Nobody Puts baby in The Corner, 2018, hand-knotted New Zealand Wool, 150 knots per inch, 72" x 72", edition 24 + 2APs

From TheNew York Times Article, Riffing on Forefather and Mothers, written by Hilarie M. Sheets:

Over the last decade (Kass') voice has seemed to shout from works in her ongoing series “Feel Good Paintings for Feel Bad Times.” She plucks phrases meaningful to her from the collective memory banks — of musicals, Yiddish, movies — and renders them in the style of recognized male artists she both admires and tries to one-up. In 2007 she used Kenneth Noland’s target motif to frame the words “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner,” a line from the 1987 movie “Dirty Dancing” that precedes the star turn by the Jewish girl.  Read the full article here.

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