When an artist’s work comes off the wall and onto the floor, it's experienced in an entirely new way. 

BravinLee Editions  produces limited edition rugs by some of the most compelling contemporary artists working today including Jonas Wood, Keltie Ferris and Christopher Wool. They are just a few of a growing number of artists interested in investigating the creative opportunities offered by this ancient medium.  We work intimately with artists to translate their visual vocabulary and palette into rich textiles. Made of wool and silk, our rugs are hand-knotted by highly-skilled artisans in Nepal. All our carpets are made with the traditional cross-weaving technique.  Crossed weaving is the time honored knotting method, developed through generations of weavers passing this knowledge down to each successive generation, which is how the finest quality Tibetan carpets are made.  Many carpets today are made with uncrossed weaving which is cheaper, faster to produce and less durable.  Purists would assert that uncrossed weaving should not even be considered weaving at all.  

 BravinLee is a proud member of GoodWeave, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization that promotes the ethical production of textiles.

For inquiries: 

Please visit our Instagram account @bravinleerugeditions.