Jennifer Wynne Reeves - Final Edit 1A

We share the grief of Jennifer's many friends, family and admirers. Jennifer's paintings, photographs and prose will live on. For those of us who knew her she will be remembered for her loveable genius, her startling candor and her unguarded kindness. All who had the privilege of knowing her images and words will miss sensing that she is around and about to tell us something we will be much richer, inwardly, for hearing.

Artists, in particular, battle inertia in a specific way because the very act of making art is an act of defiance against despair. I think most art is about this battle - how to win it, what it looks like when you don't, and what it looks like if you do.
--Jennifer Reeves Oct. 4 2010

An exhibition will be held at BravinLee programs opening Thursday, September 4th - October 11, 2014.

A memorial service celebrating Jennifer’s life will be held at 11:00 A.M. September 6 at St. Mark’s Church 131 East 10th St. NYC.